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If you have any questions that the available documentation didn't answer, feel free to ask us! We also like to hear about any bugs or issues you encounter, as well as ideas for new features. Finally, we always appreciate when somebody tells us that ELinks makes their day a little better.

Reporting bugs

If you have encountered a bug please let us know. You can either send the bug report to one of the mailing lists or enter it into Bugzilla via the web interface (registration required). If your issue is of a more confidential character (like a grave security hole you happened to stumble upon), you may want to contact one of the developers directly

To make the bug report as useful as possible you should include the following information if possible:

How to reproduce the bug:
On what site or page did the bug occur? What did you do/press etc. to make it happen?
Which version of ELinks you are using:
The maintained ELinks versions are listed on the download page. The ELinks developers generally do not backport bug fixes to unmaintained branches. Regardless, please report any bugs you find in old versions: we can then test whether later versions still have the same bug, and the report can tell other users about possible workarounds.
Backtraces from the debugger or debug enabled builds:
If you have compiled ELinks with --enable-debug and your OS has glibc installed ELinks will print a backtrace when it crashes. This backtrace gives valuable information about what triggered the crash. If you would like to help to debug the problem you just uncovered, please keep the core file you just got and send the developers output of bt command entered inside of gdb (which you run as gdb elinks core).

Please also check if the bug has already been reported by searching the bug database. Patches that fix bugs are also very welcome.

Feature requests

If you have idea about some great feature missing from ELinks, or something in ELinks constantly irritates you. If you have a patch for a new feature that you think others would appreciate, and you would like to have it included in the mainstream ELinks, feel free to let us know!

Remember, the things probably won't change magically. If you don't like something and you won't let us know, then nothing will change. So, don't fear and go for it!

The best way is probably to write a mail and target it to one of the mailing lists. You can also join the irc channel. Feature requests can be filed as enhancement bugs in Bugzilla.

The web pages

Questions or comments about the content on the web pages should be mailed to fonseca@diku.dk. If the question or comment is of more general interest please direct it to the appropriate mailinglist.

Other feedback

Obviously, you can feed us back in other ways as well. Except foods (we prefer pizza, some close location of yourself recommended), we accept drinks, nice books, CDs with interesting things, computer equipment and accessories, PDAs, pens + pencils + erasers, and last but not least money. Contact one of the developers if you want to donate something to the project.

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